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We help patients pay for medical costs with affordable payment plans and zero to low interest rates, that do no harm to your credit.

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That’s why we offer affordable payment plans that won’t harm your credit.

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to your financial experience, regardless of your balance, and without any negative consequences.

Easy to Use

With our patient portal, it’s easy to manage your account. You can pay your bill manually or setup a monthly auto-draft.

Everyone Qualifies

Regardless of credit history, all patients qualify for our program and have access to equal and fair payment terms.

No Credit Reporting

There are no negatives to using our payment plans. We never report to credit bureaus.

Zero to Low Interest Rates

We care about you and your finances, so we offer long term payment plans with 0% to low interest options.

Consolidated Billing

Consolidate your own charges, along with bills from family members that received services from the same health system.

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Our team will help you answer any questions you have and will help you find the right payment plan. In fact, many of our Patient Advocates are also AccessOne account holders, and know the benefits of our program firsthand.

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AccessOne gives you peace of mind. I would definitely recommend their payment plans to my friends.

Katie O’Neil
AccessOne Account Holder


Sometimes life happens, and you need options. With AccessOne, it’s nice to have the option to lower your monthly payment when you need that flexibility.

Jeremey Sherman
AccessOne Account Holder

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We have helped over one million consumers afford out-of-pocket medical expenses for health systems nationwide.

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