Frequently Asked Questions

AccessOne helps patients manage their out-of-pocket medical expenses. We offer monthly payment plans to patients who received services from one of our participating providers. Everyone qualifies for our payment plans.

We offer long term payment plans with 0% to low-interest options that you can choose from.

  • Manageable monthly payments
  • No credit reporting
  • No application, annual or hidden fees
  • Easy payment methods: online, phone, check, auto-pay
  • Allows you to combine all bills from the health system where you had services into a single monthly payment for you and your family members

AccessOne can help you manage your medical bills by offering easy ways for you to make monthly payments. We work with healthcare providers to provide a 0% or low interest payment plan.  You have the flexibility to choose a lower monthly payment if you need it while paying a low interest rate based on your plan.

Once your AccessOne account has been activated and we have received your balance from your healthcare provider, we will begin sending you a monthly statement showing your balance and payment options. You will begin making your monthly payments directly to AccessOne to pay on your medical bills.

No.  We provide a monthly payment plan for your medical bills and eliminate all the negative features typically associated with a traditional credit card.  Everyone is accepted into our program regardless of your credit score, we do not credit report your activity, we offer flexible payment plans with 0% or low interest rates.

You can sign up for an AccessOne account online here.

You will need your healthcare provider’s statement showing the provider account number, balance, and facility information. 

You can pay using cash, check, credit cards, automatic draft, or your HSA account.

  • Online – you can make one-time payments or set up automatic payments online using a checking account or debit/credit card at
  • 24/7 IVR – you can make payments 24/7 using our toll-free number
  • Mail – you can also mail in a check or money order to the address on your statement. The bottom portion of your statement can be used as a remit slip.

Once your account is activated you will receive your AccessOne loyalty card in the mail. This is not a credit card. It is a quick reference for your account number and our contact information.

Yes, you can add new charges to your account. You will need your healthcare provider’s statement showing the provider account number, balance, and facility information.

Yes, any family member that receives services from our participating providers can be added to your account. You will need their healthcare provider’s statement showing the provider account number, balance, and facility information.

You can use an AccessOne payment plan for services provided at a participating provider.  To see if your provider offers AccessOne payment plans, click here.

You can use our payment plan for any charges that have not been covered by your health insurance plan.

AccessOne payment plans have no minimum or maximum charge limits.  The length of your payment term depends on your balance due.

AccessOne offers both 0% interest and low interest payment plans.  Low interest payment plans have lower monthly payment amounts. You can also start out in a 0% interest plan and switch to our low interest plan at any point in time. You decide which payment plan is best for you. Everyone receives the same interest rates based on total balance due.  We do not use a credit score to determine interest rates.  Everyone qualifies for our payment plans and we never credit report.

Yes, everyone qualifies for our payment plans.  We do not use credit score to determine eligibility, and we never credit report.